Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco

Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco

August 15, 2020 By Touseet

One of the best means to integrate workout into your dog’s life and also your own is to take a hike. For Bay Area pet parents, there are lots of dog-friendly hiking trails in San Francisco if you know where to look.

Pet dogs naturally have a lot of energy, and it is very important to include enough exercise into their routine to keep them happy as well as healthy and balanced. Sufficient exercise and play can have many benefits for your dog, including lowered stress and anxiety, much better sleep, and also, if other pets exist, social abilities. Exercise additionally has physical benefits such as assisting your dog stay in shape and also reducing digestion problems. Dog-friendly hikes in San Francisco can be tough to come by if you’re new to the area or new to treking generally– luckily, we have actually got you covered.

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Bernal Height Park provides a modest, one-mile loop walk on a former rock quarry. This is one San Francisco hike where pets are permitted to openly walk off-leash. We recommend going on cooler days because there isn’t much shade. On the Carver Road side of the walking, you’ll discover a swing hanging from a tree, overlooking San Francisco.

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Crissy Field is dog friendly hiking trail in San Francisco. For some pet dogs, as well as for some owners, lengthy or uphill walking’s are as well strenuous. Take a simple, beachy walk at Crissy Field, a 130-acre park in the Presidio. While the coastline has actually designated off-leash areas, be vigilant of unpredictable waves, and keep a close watch if your dog decides to go for a swim.

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Another dog friendly hiking trail in San Francisco, at 938 feet, Mount Davidson is the highest and all-natural top in San Francisco, using impressive and also scenic views of the bay as well as the city. The 1.5-mile loop stands as a sensible walking for owners as well as dog alike. While leashed pet dogs are permitted, there are no water terminals or trash bin along the route, so be sure to bring your very own water bottle and also doggy bags.

If your dog comes along for a hike, car ride, or any outdoor adventure, a portable water bottle and bowl are essential.


Consider going out of the city to Marin Area Headlands in the North Bay for famous views of the Golden Entrance Bridge and the San Francisco horizon. There’s also an outstanding route loop about six miles long. There are three primary dog-friendly areas for an excellent hike with your dog: The Coastal Path, the Wolf Ridge Loop, and Rodeo Beach. Canines have to be leashed on the tracks, however they can run and also play leash-free on Rodeo Coastline.

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You’ll discover three different tracks at Glen Canyon Park: Coyote Crags Trail, Gum Tree Girls Trail, and also Islais Creek Route. Take a close look, as well as a picture, of the green sign and map at the entrance of the park– it will show you which parts of the routes are simple, moderate, and also testing to ensure that you can tailor your outing to owner as well as pet’s individual needs.

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I hope you’ll try a few of our favored dog friendly treking trails in San Francisco when you’re visiting San Francisco with your buddy! If there’s one dog friendly hiking trails you particularly take pleasure in, please share it in the comments!

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Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco

Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco
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Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco
Top 5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco. There are lots of dog-friendly hikes in San Francisco if you know where to look.
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