10 Tips for travelling with cat in car

Top 10 Tips for Travelling with your Cat in Car

March 13, 2020 By Saif Ghori

Planning a road trip in this season? For some of us it might be challenging getting our cats into the car on a road trip. But as you might have imagined hat travelling with your cat is going to be your great bonding experience.

So, now your kitty will not miss you and will be right there with you. Let’s prepare for an amazing adventure. Here are 10 tips for travelling with your cat in car based on my past experience.

1. Start with short rides:

This is specially for cat parents who have never traveled with your cats before. It’s good to start with short rides to check how they get used to it. Check if they get stressed or meow a lot or get comfortable for long rides. Because leaving pets behind shouldn’t be the first option. And you should travel on bumpy road slowly. Once your cat accepts the car as a familiar territory, it’s time to introduce a carrier and set it on the back seat.

2. Pack Extra Supplies:

If you are going on a long-haul road trip you never know what you come across and whether there will be a town or supply store or not? So, be sure you are well prepared like you have enough cat food and if your cat needs special medications or specific diet be sure to stock it up so that you’re not stuck in a situation where you can’t find these things.

3. Safety First:

You wouldn’t ride a car without safety belt, right?. The same safety applies to your cat too. The good news is you don’t need separate seat belts for your cat. The safety belt is same that you use for yourself in car. But you do need a pet friendly and crash tested soft carrier your cat feels comfortable in and gives a peace of mind to you too.

4. Keep them Hydrated:

Sometimes parents might forget on long drives to make sure that their cat is properly hydrated and sometimes it may get hot in a trailer or backseat. So, make sure to make regular stops and keep giving them some water every stop. And for that you can use fold-able cups as its pack away easily and you can pop it up in a car or in the trailer. Good news is Lil-Paws is offering a collapsible pet bowl as free gift with their 5-in-1 pet friendly cat soft carrier and backpack. You can buy it from Amazon or just click here to buy it from our store: https://lil-paws.com/

5. How does your cat eat and drink?

As you are going on a road trip it may be a couple of days or weeks so your cat needs to eat and drink. You should feed her at night before you leave for trip and when you reach your destination you can feed your cat some dry food. Although you can find couple of water cups in the hotel, you might want to buy a cup for your cat so whenever you stop somewhere you can refill it with a bottle of water. This way you can train your cat that she will get water whenever you make a stop.

6. Where do they go to bathroom?

Unlike dog, Cats needs some privacy when it comes to doing their business. Although majority of cats love indoors, but even the most outgoing cats need that privacy when its business time. Good news is they can be trained to get to their business in strange surroundings. You can place a collapsible and portable litter box inside a car and your cat can use it during your stop overs. An easy option can be to use a shoe box lined with waterproof lining and some litter that you will be carrying with you. But here are the options that you can explore for portable litter boxes.

7. How to keep your cat comfortable and calm?

This depends a whole lot on your cat personality. If you cat is not already familiarized with the travel experience, she might freak out in the start. So, first things first, if you even intend to travel with your cat, get her to spend some time in stationary car and specially the carrier as most the time during travel you will expect her to be in her carrier. If you are travelling with your cat since it’s as young as few months or even 1 year, it will be quite easy for you to embark on long haul. You also have to be mindful of climate of your car and direct the air con or ventilation towards your cat to keep her calm and comfortable.

8. Setting Boundaries:

You’ll definitely bring your cat in carrier to and from the travel destination. You can let your car out inside your car while you are not moving and let her stretch a bit. For your safety your cat should not be allowed in the driver’s area and that’s where a soft pet friendly carrier is highly recommended. You also have to be mindful of their scratching needs if they are in a cabin like car for couple of hours. How about some portable and travel friendly scratchers to keep in the car to satisfy her needs and also to keep her from scratching your car seats instead?

9. Staying at hotel:

Last thing is hotels because we’re kind of taking it easy on a drive. Mostly you have to stay in night in hotels and particular hotels that allows pets. And some hotels additionally charge for your pets. So, do you research before starting journey to find pet friendly hotels within your budget. You should properly plan where you are going to stay during your long journey.

10. Reward them:

Contrary to popular belief cats can be trained. So, train them how to sit? How to shake hand and call yourself with a nick name. Try to give them reward when they’ve done well on a car ride or moving back and forth from the trailer of the car to realize them they are doing a good job. Start travelling with cat!

What other tips you have? Share them in comments!