Top 10 tips for travelling with your dog in car

Top 10 Tips for Travelling with Dog in Car – Lil-Paws

March 22, 2020 By Saif Ghori

Many of us think that pets are our family member and we can’t leave our furry friends behind as we go on Holiday. However, travelling with dog isn’t as simple as jumping in car and heading across the country. Holiday with a pet can be an amazing bond opportunity. Tips below might sound excessive, they can help ensure that you’ll both have a memorable time.

1. Tags and Microchip

Before you hit the road, make sure your dog is micro-chipped or has a collar with contact information. If your pet goes missing while on the road, a microchip can be the quickest way for others to help locate your pet. Also carry a photograph of your dog that can be copied, to make it easier for others to recognize your dog and return your dog if lost.

Dog Tags and Micro-chipped

2. Keep them safe on the Road

Just as we need seat-belts during travel, animals must have some of the safety measurement when in the car. Although it may seem like fun but don’t ever let your dog hang their head out of the window.  Another car on road could cause injury to your pet’s head. Always use a travel crate or install a dog barrier system.

Dog Travel Safety

3. Water and Food

When you are travelling with your pet, it’s better to take your supply from home as the pet food in one state might be different than the food in the same packaging from somewhere else. You can reduce your own food quantity and increasing the food from new location to smoothly transition the change of food to avoid any tummy disturbance. Bring bottled or tap water. Tap water in some areas can upset stomach. Don’t forget to carry sufficient amount of your pet’s medications with you. You can buy supplies from our store.

Dog Food and Water

4. Health Documents

Certificate of health is important in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. If your pet gets sick on the road, it will be much easier for health professionals to treat your dog if they know pet’s medical history. Certificate of health must be signed by an authorized veterinarian after examining your pet.

Dog Health Documents

5. Take Frequent Breaks

Be sure to stop frequently on your drive because your dog may need more rest stops than you. Stretching your own legs will also prepare you for long drive. Leave plenty of time each day to take your dog for a long walk around the block before jumping into the car. Giving your dog sufficient breaks will lessen the likelihood of an accident. Never leave him unattended in the car.

Dog Travel Frequent Breaks

6. Motion Sickness in Dogs

Just like your children, puppies are more likely to get sick in the car. Don’t feed your dog in moving vehicle unless he is a comfortable traveler that never gets any sign of motion sickness. Feed your dog a light meal few hours before departure. Try to be aware of how your dog is feeling and try shorter trips until your dog gets comfortable. And it’s always a good idea to have dog car seat covers on the back seat as well.

Dog Health Documents

7. Short Test Drives

Take a few test drives before embarking your journey. Don’t expect your dog to be suddenly okay with that. Check how your dog reacts to riding in a car. However, if your dog is nervous or get sick when placed in a car, it’s time for some training. Take trips to favorite locations like parks or pet stores. Your dog association with car will slowly switch from negative to positive.

Dog take short test drives

8. Pet Friendly Hotels

If your trip includes spending nights in hotels, find a pet friendly place. Some hotels welcome pets to stay free while others add additional charges. Be sure you have a clear understanding of cost before reservation. This will make the trip much more memorable.

Pet Freindly Hotels

9. Bring Dog Favorite Blanket

The scent of home will keep them calm. Your dog may feel lonely so grabbing his favorite blanket that has his smell on it will help your dog feel secure and not alone. Since your dog used to sleep comfortably with his blanket, he might have an easier time adjusting to staying in an unfamiliar place.

Dog Favorite Blanket

10. Music Down/ Relaxing Music

Studies have shown that playing music reduces stress in dog. Music therapy is used as a natural remedy for anti-anxiety. Reggae and soft rock are most relaxing music for dogs in travel. There is some music composed for dogs specially.

Play Relaxing Music

Let us know which music you play to reduce stress in your pet (or yourself) on a road trip!

Travelling with dog is not difficult nowadays. We’ll make travelling with dog easy.