The Best Ways to Soothe Travel Anxiety in Dogs

The Best Ways to Soothe Travel Anxiety in Dogs

September 8, 2020 By Saif Ghori

Similar to human, dogs sometimes deal with travel anxiety. Usually, they show temporary anxiety in action to points like journeys to the veterinarian or being left house alone. Yet various other pet dogs experience even more general, chronic anxiety that impacts every aspect of their lives.

While occasional dog anxiety isn’t necessarily a medical issue, chronic anxiety can be very destructive to your dog’s wellness and also well being. Appropriately, you’ll wish to make every effort to alleviate the issue and help your dog really feel much better with some all-natural dog anxiety solutions.

Signs and Symptoms of Travel Anxiety in Dogs

If your dog deals with travel anxiety, the signs won’t be hard to miss out on. When you place them in the car, they’ll begin to show signs of stress and anxiety such as:

  • Too much slobbering, yawning, and/or barking
  • Shuddering
  • Whimpering
  • Vomiting

It’s never ever easy to see your precious family pet under such anxiety. Nonetheless, they can’t avoid the car forever. Whether you’re taking them to a veterinarian appointment, the local park, or on a journey to a new dog-friendly location, traveling with your dog is unpreventable.

That’s why I believe it’s so vital to do what we can to aid relieve travel anxiety in canines as soon as we identify the signs. It will certainly make day-to-day live with your pet dog much easier as well as allows you to travel regularly without the guilt of stressing out your pet dog.


Dog Car Anxiety - Dog Gets Anxious in Car - Dog Gets Stresses in Car - Travel Anxiety in Dogs


5 Natural Ways to Decrease Travel Anxiety in Pet Dogs

For anxiety problems, there are no perfect solutions available. But here are some of the techniques that you can try with your own puppy!


1. Practice Getting Into the Car

This is a great place to start! If you compel your dog right into the cars and truck as well as remove without giving them time to readjust, conquering their travel anxiety is most likely to be a lot harder.

Try to associate traveling with something your dog likes. When he jumps up into the safety seat on his very own, he should be awarded.

Attempt this with your dog and also make sure they’ll be proactively jumping right into the car in no time!

If you’ve not travelled before with your dog, we have a guide on top 10 tips for travelling with dog in car.


2. Drive to Fun Places

Many pet dogs develop travel anxiety when they only ride in the car to areas that are less than desirable to them, like the vet or grooming consultations.

When you first begin the procedure of conquering your pet dog’s anxiety, try making brief journeys to locations they’ll like such as your regional dog park! Try preventing longer car rides as long as possible until your dog’s travel anxiety improves. Slow and steady wins the race!


Dog Car Anxiety - Dog Gets Anxious in Car - Dog Gets Stresses in Car


3. Calm Your Dog with CBD Oil

Making use of CBD oil as a natural treatment for anxiety has boomed in popularity over the past year.

The all-natural oil does something in the endocannabinoid system, which is present in both the animal as well as human bodies. When this inner system is doing optimally, we feel far more loosened up, well balanced, and happy!

Dog Car Anxiety - Dog Gets Anxious in Car - Dog Gets Stresses in Car CBD Oil - Travel Anxiety in Dogs


4. Try Lavender Oil to reduce Travel Anxiety in Dogs

Lavender is yet another all-natural and risk-free means to relax your dog and also produce a sense of tranquillity while you’re traveling. It’s additionally a really cost-effective choice to suggested medications from your veterinarian.

Prior to entering the car, I’ll rub a drop or two of lavender oil into the coverings I place into his booster seat. It assists him kick back during long trip and really reliable in minimizing his anxiety. And also, it makes your cars and truck smell great!

* Quick Note * Lavender oil can also be used to deal with separation anxiety! Simply make use of a couple of drops on your dog’s pet bed or favorite toy prior to you delegate help them really feel calmer while you’re gone.


Dog Car Anxiety - Dog Gets Anxious in Car - Dog Gets Stresses in Car - Lavender Oil - Travel Anxiety in Dogs


5. Use a Pet Travel Carrier

A pet carrier for your pet friend is a useful thing for your day to day activities the whole year round. Its use does not only benefit your pet but you as well. It provides your little chi the protection that he deserves and, on your part, a worry-free mind.

If you drive and fly with your pet and want to make sure they’re as safe as possible, consider the Lil-Paws ultimate 5 IN 1 Pet Carrier with a WATERPROOF ANTI ANXIETY COVER for smaller dogs. This keeps the yippiest panickers terror-free for days. This is the ONLY dog crate in the market created with separation anxiety & travel anxiety in mind which surely helps in dog car anxiety.

How these methods worked for your dog? Let us know in comments below! We love to hear from you.

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