Cat Backpack – 5-in-1 Premium CAT & TSA Airline Approved Soft Pet Car Carrier Crate for Cats & Small Dogs – Washable, Portable Cat Bed House – Car Travel Cat Carrier – Luggage Shoulder Bag Back Pack

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  • CALM, HAPPY KITTY ON THE GO – YOUR EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY, CAT CARRIER BACKPACK, CAR cat carrier, AIRPLANE cat carrier, PORTABLE CAT HOME, Luggage Perch, Cat Bed or ANTI ANXIETY CRATE for when kitty suspects you’re headed somewhere they don’t like (aka vet). RAVE REVIEWS! 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • ANTI ANXIETY or CURIOUS PEEPERS – SCAREDY CATS LOVE HIDING IN THIS airline approved pet career, becoming miraculously calm with the Anti Anxiety Pet Carrier Cover (included) pulled over the top. CURIOUS CLIMBERS love peeking through the mesh windows (with removable covers). LAZY SLEEPERS find this PORTABLE CAT BED, no matter where you hide it. (READ THE REVIEWS!!)
  • SOFTER IS SAFER FOR THEM…COMFIER FOR YOU! ADJUSTABLE, PADDED, BALANCED carrier for cats and small dogs lets you take your purrfectly adventurous friend along with you (whether you like to, or their neighborhood yowling demands it 😉 An ideal travel carrier for cats who love exploring, right from the comfort of your back.
  • WIPES CLEAN FAST – MACHINE or HAND: EVEN THE PRIMEST, PROPER KITTY sometimes lets one loose at the worst possible times. LIL-PAWS pet carrier backpack makes light work of keeping all that FLUFF, FUZZ and FUR TIDELY contained inside, until you’re ready to WIPE IT OUT or toss it into the washing machine.
  • SMALL PUPS & BUNNIES LOVE IT TOO! THE PERFECT SIZE – BIG to SMALL, THIS PLEASES THEM ALL: With a generous dimension, fitting small, medium and large cats, small dogs or bunnies, this airline approved pet backpack is the ideal COMFY PET KEEPER for long car rides, planes rides and yes, even when they think you’re going to the vet…and you’re not.
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Lil Paws Premium 5 in 1 Cat Carrier Backpack


  1. Looks COZY…
  2. BUT IS IT SCRATCH PROOF? DURABLE? KITTY SKIN FRIENDLY? WATER PROOF? AIRLINE APPROVED? Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes! Crafted from the HIGHEST QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY, pet friendly materials, this soft carrier bags REINFORCE PADDING makes it the BEST scratching post for long travel.
  3. CATS LOVE IT but is it SAFE? 
  4. At Lil Paws the only thing more important than your best friends comfort and well-being and comfort…is their safety. That means we never compromise. Never cut corners. And only leverage the highest quality, SAFETY VERIFIED suppliers to craft your pets new travel heaven. The ultimate way to ensure it exceeds even the fussiest pets high expectations, without feeling like you need to check on them every minute of the day.
  5. What’s Actually Included? 
  6. Includes: 1x 5-in-1 pet carrier, 2x washable fleece pads, waterproof anxiety cover, BONUS collapsible silicone bowl, adjustable shoulder straps, that ALL easily TUCK INTO ONBOARD Cat Carrier POCKETS!
  7. Is it TSA and Airline Approved? 
  8. Airplane Approved & Amply Sized (43 x 28 x 28cm). Feisty, friendly, fussy, ultra big or small, this cat carrier pleases them all.
  9. What are the 5 functions?
  10. Technically there’s more than 5, however we like to say this 5-in-1 Converts to: hand carrier and shoulder bag, pet backpack, anxiety cover/waterproof cover, for car seat safety and luggage holder strap.
  11. What is your money back guarantee? 

A. Purrfectly Happy Pet Guarantee: Get it. Love it. Or return it for a full refund. Whatever makes you and your fur baby happy.

Product Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.3 pounds


Soft Pet Carrier For Travelling




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  • Anti-Anxiety Cover
  • Generous size yet Airline Approved
  • Durable to hold up to 19 lbs


  • 5-in-1 Functionality
  • Waterproof Cover
  • High Resistant Mesh on three sides

10 reviews for Cat Backpack – 5-in-1 Premium CAT & TSA Airline Approved Soft Pet Car Carrier Crate for Cats & Small Dogs – Washable, Portable Cat Bed House – Car Travel Cat Carrier – Luggage Shoulder Bag Back Pack

  1. Mahfeli’s

    She loves it ,it was always so difficult to put her in travel bag, but now she just wants to live in this one .my baby is 19LB she is a big girl but fits in this perfectly and has room to breath and move around .

  2. JRA

    An awesome carrier which worked perfectly for my wife when she went to pick up our new Labrador Puppy – Ziggy!

    But most importantly my wife had no issues with United nor TSA with the carrier. I did tons of research on the proper dimensions for an �in-cabin pet carrier� and although I saw some cheaper models, this one was perfect!

  3. Monica Cox

    Lucy loves her new carrier, we will test it out for her trip to the vet coming up. Love the color and the size is perfect. She is 8 lbs. and real fluffy. She loves it.

  4. Elaine

    I was really pleased when I opened the package and delighted with the quality of this carrier. Used it for the first time a couple of days ago to take my kitty to the vet, and getting him in through the top was easy and stress free. The size is good for my 14 pound cat. He seemed quite comfortable and calm and had room to turn around. Even my vet was impressed with it! Very nice!

  5. Anna

    This bag is very convenient to use, my cat likes it, and there is a soft cushion inside.

  6. George A. Schmid

    Perfect size for my little guy. He was comfy for this first plane ride. Enough room for him to turn around and lie down and well ventilated and with good visibility so we could keep an eye on each other throughout flight.

  7. Bailie

    This is a nicely made bag, very nice colour, sturdy. Had a question for the company and their customer service assistance was exceptional. Very fast response (within 24 hours) and they took care of everything. Would buy again from this company, in the future.

  8. Henna

    I love this carrier! It’s really convenient to wear it on my back and to have the option to hold it. My cat actually tolerated being in there and she likes that she can see me through the mesh. I’m pretty small so the backpack is a little big on me, but it fits my boyfriend really well. All in all, super pleased with having such a cute, functional carrier

  9. Luv

    This bag is a game changer! My cats actually enjoy being in it. There’s just enough room for them to lay and get cozy. Being able to wear it as a backpack gives me free hands to do what I need to. There’s mesh for them to look out and don’t have to be crouched down like most carriers. It is very well made and I couldn’t be happier!

  10. aj graeme

    I was super lucky enough to win this in a contest (we travel a LOT for our job, so we were super excited to have a better way to move the cat) … then unlucky enough to lose our new family pet before it even arrived! It sat in the corner of my closet, making me a bit sad to look at it, but once the holidays were over, we took another trip to the shelter to find a new family pet (we don’t believe in giving animals as gifts, so we wanted to wait until the holidays were over.) The result was instead of getting a cat, we got a rabbit. This carrier was PERFECT for an alternative pet! The only alteration we had to make to make it rabbit-ready was to put down a pet pee pad covered with hay since it wasn’t potty trained and to add a chew item (a nice block of pine wood). I loved the scatch proof mesh as the bunny often liked to pull itself up to look around, the mesh was just right to hold hay in, but still let the bunny look around. It was big enough for the rabbit to stretch, but not too big to where it would start moving around a lot . It’s super sturdy. I like the pockets where we could keep snacks as well as her harness and leash. I especially love that it doubles as a tote or a backpack. The backpack is so much more comfy to carry. I know it’s not meant as an alternate pet carrier, but it REALLY works out well for that! Our daughter LOVES it, she puts her bunny in it all the time now and wants to take her pet to all her playdates now! LOL!

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