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How to Keep Your Anxious Cat Calm During Car Rides

September 22, 2020 By Saif Ghori

Cars travel with cats– on listening to these words, no one jumps and exclaims “wow, that sounds like fun“! However, taking a trip with your felines doesn’t have to be hard. Below are a couple of tips to help you and reduce cat travel anxiety.

If you cat is under continuous anxiety/stress, read 5 ways to reduce cat anxiety.



Take a practice ride. Ensure you drive at the very least 1/2 hr outgoing, to make it a one-hour round trip. There are two factors for this:


  1. Acclimatization– One significant reason for anxiety is strangeness. Getting your cat used to being in the cars and truck for longer periods may reduce his anxiety.


  1. Showing You What to Expect– Some pet cats will certainly never ever be comfortable in a cars and truck, despite just how acquainted it ends up being. As well as there are few points even worse than discovering your yowling cat will not quit yowling, when you are hours away from her vet’s workplace.


If your cat is still showing substantial worry after a couple of practice runs, it’s time for a visit to the doctor. Consistent noise, restlessness, or diarrhea are signs that your pet may need some aid from medication.


How to Keep Your Anxious Cat Calm During Car Rides



There are a number of medications made use of for anxiety in cats. All of the ones listed here should be used only if prescribed for that particular animal, and only for the short-term. Your veterinarian will know which one to choose, depending on the health and wellness of your pet. Below are some possible choices:


Acepromazine– primarily used for surgery– does prevent throwing up. Can trigger low blood pressure, and, in uncommon instances, aggression.

Busipirone– not normally used for anxiety, yet has been shown to reduce marking and urination outside the litter box. Takes a number of weeks to function. Increases affectionate behavior. Possible other habits changes

Alprazolam– brand-name Xanax. NEVER EVER provide your cat human drug. Effective in lowering anxiety. This is a sedative and also will certainly make your cat sleepy. Opposite impacts include behavior adjustments, increased hunger, as well as problem walking.


“Remember, these medications are just to help with travel anxiety and also not for long-lasting use.”



For milder cases of traveling anxiety, try a Thundershirt for pet cats to reduce cat travel anxiety. If you’re not aware of it, a Thundershirt wraps around the animal and gives consistent, comforting stress.


Thundershirt for pet cats


I have a nervous cat, although the Thundershirt does not entirely relax her down, it does aid. And also, there is no medicine included. Place this on your cat at home numerous times to get her utilized to it, before leaving on your trip.

You can also try Rescue Solution– a natural formula which seems to work marvels in some animals. Because it’s all-natural, there should be less or no adverse effects.

While in the car, placing the radio on some softer songs, or a talk show or podcast, can give your family pet some white noise to assist soothe him.

With any luck, your cat will work well. But there are some supplies you’ll want to carry beforehand.






Extra comfortable for the pet, especially if your route has a lot of contours or hills. A soft pet crate is also much better aerated as mesh is typically used on all four sides. Purchase a small or medium carrier for one cat, go larger if you’re carrying two or more. Some have room for a dish and a can, but you’ll intend to decide if you should include these while the car is relocating.

Lil-Paws is offering an ultimate 5-in-1 Premium Soft Pet Car Carrier Crate for Cats & Small Dogs. Scaredy cats love hiding in this airline approved pet carrier. Cats become miraculously calm with the Anti-Anxiety Cover (included) pulled over the top. This also comes with 2x free collapsible silicon bowls for treats on the go.





Hard-sided pet carrier are sturdier as well as safer. These, as well can be found in many dimensions. Your choice needs to rely on the number of cats you are moving and what your objectives are.



Many cat owners do not include a litter box in the pet crate at all as they don’t know it’s important thing to reduce cat travel anxiety. Felines are typically worried to use it while traveling. If you choose not to include one, make sure you carry plenty of paper towels, or old bathroom towels for cleaning. Taking a trip without a litter box inside the crate provides the cat extra room. Lil-Paws Pet carrier includes a soft fleece pad. This is soft, highly absorbable and machine washable if required.

If your cat seems rather well-adjusted in the cars and truck, you might wish to include a litter box anyway. Otherwise you might not only have to wash down the cage but also the cat when you reach your location.

Restricting access to food (but NEVER to water) on the evening before the trip can aid make stress-induced diarrhea less of a problem.



Ensure to permit your cat access to water every few hours. Although you won’t intend to feed them while in transit, fresh water is crucial to great cat health and wellness.


Cat Has Travel Anxiety




It’s more secure throughout if you plan to eat in the vehicle while on the road with cats. The temperature level of the vehicle can be kept at a risk-free level for your animal. If your trip takes more than one day, intend on checking into your hotel as well as looking after your pets. As soon as that’s done, you can choose a routine meal, and also possibly get to stretch your legs. It will help to reduce cat travel anxiety.

Be careful at highway rest stops– an escaped cat will certainly be gone in secs. Finest practice is to leave your cat crated in all times throughout a journey as well as plan on tidying up after that. If you do intend to use a harness or a chain, make sure all cars and truck windows and doors are firmly shut until your cat is safely leashed.



Make sure you prepare in advance for this. “Pet-friendly” in a hotel description may imply pet dogs only. Call the hotel itself (not a nationwide booking line) as well as ask whether they approve cats. Make sure you ask the fee ahead of time and prevent any kind of expensive shocks.

The following are national chains which approve family pets. Nonetheless, each resort system has some flexibility in deciding whether to accept pet cats, so it’s constantly a great suggestion to call.

  • Best Western
  • LaQuinta
  • Hilton

You may also discover some independent hotels and motels which will certainly allow your cat. The most effective way to ensure that your cat’s requirements will certainly be cared for is to carefully prepare each step of your trip.



For your cat’s safety and security, both in your home and on the road, please have your vet integrated microchip her. This is an almost painless treatment. If the worst takes place as well as she bolts away from the car, you will have some peace of mind that whoever locates her can then discover you.

If you want additional advantages, you’ll have to pay a tiny revival charge each year, but that’s not required. The majority of silicon chip companies will keep your cat in their data source as long as you’ve registered a minimum of once. However, it is necessary that you renew if you move– the data on the chip is just as good as its last upgrade.



If points go as they should, you and your cat ought to come to your destination safely and a minimum of rather kicked back. And, once they have actually come to be excellent vacationers, you know you can take them with you wherever you intend to go.

If you know any other tip to reduce cat travel anxiety, don’t forget to mention it below in comments.

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