How to Keep a Cat Calm in Cabin? Travelling in Airplane

How to Keep a Cat Calm in Cabin? Travelling in Airplane

March 29, 2020 By Saif Ghori

Air travel can be stressful and unpleasant enough for humans, but for cats it can be downright terrifying. People travelling with cats using cabin rather than cargo is the best option. If you prepare your cat for the trip you can make your trip as comfortable as possible. If you are cat parents then you know how special our furry friends are. They are a part of our family.

Before your Flight

Many airlines will require a certificate of good health for your cat to be in cabin. So, you should pay a visit to the Vet at least 10 days before your flight. Now you should look for a cat carrier, you probably already know this, but in order for your cat to fly with you in a cabin, it must be placed in a carrier. You can buy cheaper carrier online but it’s important to be considerate about the safety.

If you do end up buying a new carrier just for plane travel, we highly suggest getting your cat acclimated as much as possible to that carrier. Let your cat explore the carrier, place meal for your cat in the carrier while leaving the carrier door open. Feed your cat a night before the flight and a small bite or some liquid before leaving your home. This will buy you and cat some time before she needs to use a litter box.

How to Keep Cats Quiet on an Airplane

  1. If you are seated in the middle, your cat will be most comfortable. Reason is your cat will be away from the heavy foot traffic by aisle seats and chilly temperature of window seats. On the other hand, if you are seated in front of the cabin or emergency exit seats, your cat will be in the overhead luggage pin and that wouldn’t be comfortable for your cat. So be a bit deliberate in choosing your seats.
  2. Do not play with your cat during flight, as that might makes it agitated and wanting to come out and play. Unless the cat is making a lot of noise and need that sense of security, then may be a tap or two after a while can make her relaxed.
  3. Do not leave the carrier wide open for long so your pet can escape. This might not turn out to be a good thing, unless your cat is super calm and well familiar with the situation.
  4. Carry small food and water bottle and some extra disposable cat pads for your carrier with you, so you can offer your cat during layovers or during the flight.
  5. Carry a towel or something like that to clean up accidents your cat has before, during or after the flight due to stress and cabin pressure might have caused.
  6. Take pet Naturals of Vermont Chews for cats, highly recommended by vets to reduce anxiety in situation like that. But ask the vet before you use it for your cat.
  7. You can talk to your Vet about certain products and medications that can sedate your cat. Natural or herbal supplements are available that will decrease that anxiety. Check with you Vet about sedatives that you use often may decrease body temperature, you’re going to provide blanket to your cat to avoid as much cold as it could otherwise.
  8. You can put a worn t-shirt or piece of your clothing in the carrier of your cat. Your body pheromones are very calming to your cat.
  9. Pack light so you don’t have to grope with your luggage and you can quickly pay attention to your cat.

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Important: Tips for Booking a Flight

Every airline has different policies and rules, not every airline allows pets to travel on the plane with you so be sure to do your research before booking any flight. Rules and regulations are constantly changing so be sure to look into everything before you book and also speak with your airline. Check to see if they allow pets to be in cabin with you or if they can only travel by cargo. One thing to keep in mind when you’re booking your flights is you might want to consider only direct non-stop flights.

Pet travel on airplane could be challenging, but use few tricks and your pet will just do fine. Let us know about your thoughts in comments!