Our Story

Thank you for making this far with us!

Who does not agree that our furry friends are part of the family? So, traveling with them should be as safe as a family! We are here to improve your pet travel experience like no one else in the market. And this is only the start.

Our goal is to encourage safe pet travel, by road or by air. At Lil-Paws, every product is developed after months of research and testing.

Our first pet was a month-old kitten, Mano. She was a Khao Manee and a rare breed kitten with odd eye colors. She was an active, communicative and an intelligent cat. We loved taking Mano out for bush walks to feed her curious and active nature. Back then, we used an old school bag to carry her around and Mano seemed to love it!

We started to travel more with Mano, from simple walks to stretched out road trips. We used a different backpack for hiking or bush walking than the road travel. We realized that getting in the car may cause an anxiety attack for your pet because of all the noise around. At other times, a rain during bush walks may cause a soaked backpack.

Mano inspired us to create Lil-Paws. We realized there should be a better and a safe way to travel with pets. We are here to make your pet travel experience safer and convenient.

Our Moto: Leaving Pets behind shouldn’t be the first option.

Our Values: World class customer service and 100% customer satisfaction, always!

Our Goal: to make pet travel safer and convenient. We want to give back. 5% of our net proceeds will go to American pet foster houses.

Lil-Paws cat about us This picture is for inspiration only. Mano looked 99% like the cat pictured. We spent a long, adventurous 14 years with Mano before she made her way to the Rainbow Bridge.