7 PURRFECT Christmas Gifts for Cat People in your Life

October 15, 2020 By Saif Ghori

With Christmas just around the corner, and also holidays and also birthday celebrations popping up virtually each week, it’s time to rejuvenate our listing of the most effective presents for cats and cat lovers. But wait! There’s a spin. This year we’re featuring sustainably-made or environment-friendly products for cats (and cat parents) that are made with our planet in mind!

If gift-giving for fellow cat and earth lovers is on your to-do list this year, do not miss out on our unique listing. We have a couple of unique items we wish to highlight, also.

Keeping that in mind, here is our list of the very best presents for cat lovers and also gifts for cats!


1. Cat Tree & Scratching Post: For the Super Stalker Cat

The cat tree is a wonderful option for the fun-loving stalker cat this Christmas. It includes a plush-covered rustling tunnel– the best location to hide out as well as wait for innocent passersby! The tree also consists of a hammock produced your cat to unwind, and also if he likes as vertical scratchers, he can make the most of the sisal scratching supports. This cat hammock and also scratching post mix tree is well-loved by customers, with 89% of customers on Chewy concurring that they ‘d advise it to a buddy.


7 PURRFECT Christmas Gifts for Cat People in your Life Chewy


2. Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Cat Bed: For the Under-Covers Snuggling Cat

Does your cat love to cuddle under the covers with you? This snuggly cat cave is the perfect Christmas gift for pet cats that such as to hide away below something soft. Click on this link to view on Chewy.com


7 PURRFECT Christmas Gifts for Cat People in your Life Chewy


3. Lil-Paws 5-IN-1 Soft Pet Carrier & Backpack – For the Scary Cat

If your have a scary cat and you want to buy a travel gift for your cat this Christmas then consider buying Lil-Paws pet carrier with Anti-Anxiety cover. Scaredy cats LOVE hiding in this airline approved pet career, becoming miraculously calm with the Anti-Anxiety Pet Carrier Cover (included) pulled over the top. CURIOUS CLIMBERS love peeking through the mesh windows (with removable covers). LAZY SLEEPERS find this PORTABLE CAT BED, no matter where you hide it. How is it sustainable you might think? Made from man-made high-quality cation fabric and environmentally friendly materials. Yes, the collapsible slow-feeding bowls are made from silicon, but I have been told these are made from a very high-quality material to last for years and years to come.


Lil-Paws 5-IN-1 Soft Pet Carrier & Backpack – For the Scary Feline

Order on Lil-Paws.com


4. Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J’s Rolled Catnip: For the ‘Niphead Cat

These Meowijuana Catnabis joints are full of potent organic catnip— sure to send your cat right into a crazy catnip high. The joints additionally make an incredible gift for cat-loving human good friends that would certainly get a kick out of the form. Click here to check out on Chewy.com


Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J's Rolled Catnip: For the 'Niphead Feline


5. The Water Gem Hideout for Cats

The Water Gem is a cute prism-like corrugated cardboard cat hideout that deals with absolutely no plastic.

No plastic in the pet industry is a huge offer, and also the women behind the brand Boba & Vespa are developing wonderful family pet items for a plastic-free future.

After an effective launch on Kickstarter, you can currently locate and also purchase your own Water Gem over at bobaandvespa.com

The Water Gem Hideout for Cats


6. Recycled Cardboard Scratcher for Cat Christmas

It’s no secret the contemporary cat scratcher by PetFusion is a hit among cat lovers.

Both an eco-friendly locate in the cat-sphere as well as a chic decor piece to your house’s interior, this cat scratcher is a wonderful gift concept for cats and cat fans.


Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Order on Amazon


7. Eco-Friendly Toys for Cat Christmas

Gifting a cat fan environmentally friendly cat items is always a great gift suggestion, no matter just how standard it might appear! Yet your cat will not appreciate that.

Offering environmentally friendly cat toys, or even ecofriendly litter can help expose one more cat parent to a more sustainable method of attending to cats that they could not have understood about. Yet toys are much more joyful for the vacations, so you may wish to begin there. Then you can give the trash as an incentive.

But if you’re merely looking for your cat, you will not need to worry about all that. Your cat will certainly 100% be pleased getting even more cat toys and also amusement from Santa Paws!

Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Check out these eco-friendly cat toys on Amazon.com


Why It’s Critical to Buy BETTER

The holidays are a cheery time, and it’s usually a time when sales top and also consumerism is at an all-time high.

But our earth is struggling with such trends, so we require to make the initiative to get better.

Buy and support regional, when you can. Spend even more cash in a quality, sustainable product that will last 10+ years than spending half the cost on something that will last only <1 year. You have an amazing buying power. So spend wisely this Christmas with your cat.

I hope next year we can continue to grow this list because there are genuinely not many brand names available that are developing environment-friendly pet products worthwhile of stating here.

Please help us in getting the word out regarding sustainability in the pet sector. Buy from your next-door neighbor, and also seize the day to tell them regarding the benefits of spaying and neutering or perhaps changing to an environment-friendly clutter. Every bit counts!

Thanks once again as well as Merry Catmas from Santa Paws!

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Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratcher