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5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Diego

May 20, 2020 By Saif Ghori

San Diego is home to countless hiking trails, however sadly, a big number of them do not allow you to bring your dog. We did some study as well as discovered some of the best places where you as well as your dog can adventure with each other! Proceed along to learn where you and also your fuzzy pal can hike.


Fiesta Island

We recently discovered this gem. This dog park is fantastic! As one of the only off-leash beaches in San Diego, it’s a great area to take your puppy to on your day off. This location is sectioned off (and measures up to its name, as it is practically an “island” and it far from highways) as well as has an entrance gate so your dog can run easily. We met so many wonderful people here (as well as dogs too!) and the environment is enjoyable as well as complimentary.

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Los Penasquitos Canyon

Los Penasquitos Canyon is another great place for you and also your dog friend to hike on your next journey with each other. The trail is long, however not so tough that it will tire you and your puppy out. You should keep your dog on a leash in any way times, however she or he can still take pleasure in the walking just as high as you can. Stop by all the stunning flowing falls if you guys wish to cool down.

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Lake Murray

A stunning hike for those staying in East Region!

Lake Murray has to do with 6.4 miles as well as loaded with countless species of birds as well as wild animals. The dog-friendly route is not only calm but additionally provides picnic tables as well as benches for those intending to unwind in the shade and eat some lunch.


Iron Hill

Iron Hill is the second highest peak in Poway. It is an outstanding location for you as well as your pooch to discover. You have to keep your dog on a leash, but that will not quit the fun. The 5.6-mile hike has plenty of panoramas, including the Catalina Islands as well as Mount Woodson of Poway. There is not a great deal of color on this walk so make sure you begin your hike early, bring sufficient water for you as well as your dog, and protect on your own from the sun with sun block and also sunglasses.

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Highland Valley Trail

This route will certainly cater to the scenic lover. This stunning route is 4 miles, as well as pretty much available to all level of hikers. It’s easy, as well as you can get some amazing photos of your dog’s there!

There are tons of bicycle riders and also horseback riders on this route, so be aware of that as well as do not neglect to bring lots of water!

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5 dog friendly hikes in san diego lil-paws


5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Diego | Lil-Paws
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5 Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in San Diego | Lil-Paws
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